Praise and Member Wins

"Paulette has been one of the primary artists on Instagram that I’ve watched and learned from to grow our Instagram account to over 100,000 engaged followers. So much wonderful wisdom and advice on how to position yourself and your art to attract the right audience. It’s all about knowing what your goals are, staying focused and taking consistent and meaningful action to get there."

 Sondra Johnson

This coaching is pure gold. Paulette is such a valuable resource with her vast knowledge and experience. When you start a journey, you have several options: Just start traveling and find your own way. Or ask for directions and hope you’ll end up where you want to be. A map is good, but doesn’t show the temporary obstacles in your way. GPS, in real time, is obviously the best way to navigate. Paulette is your GPS. She’ll guide you through the ever changing world of art marketing in real time. Your time is valuable, don’t spend it wandering and hoping. This is the best investment I’ve made yet.

August Schilz

I definitely have more confidence and more focus. I value myself and my work and how I present it to the world. In the past, I had spun my wheels trying things that ultimately wound up not working for me and I lost money and became discouraged. Now I have the confidence to say “I’m building my business, so this is going to work!” And the best part is, much of what I do to promote myself on Facebook and Instagram is free, so it’s been very exciting to me to learn how to utilize free sites to actually make money. Since I started painting last spring, I’ve sold 18 paintings, which is better than I’ve ever done in the past. I’ve been on Instagram for about 15 weeks and have over 3k followers. Nothing is going to stop me now! Thanks for all of your great information and encouragement.

Kathleen Rietz





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