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Artists' Inner Circle

Helping artists to build their businesses, online audience + sell more art

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Building Blocks of a Prosperous Art Business


Discover who you are as an artist and why its so vital to your success.



Learn how to grow a community of raving fans who will buy your art.



Diversify and scale your art business so that you can be a full-time artist.


You are uniquely gifted and qualified to do what you were created for, making art. Your work is a gift to the world...so the world needs you to succeed!


When you work with me as your mentor & coach, you gain...


You will begin to value what you do and who you are as an artist.



Stop feeling overwhelmed and like you have to do "all the things".



Get clear on where you are + where you're heading with a roadmap to get you there.


"I definitely have more confidence and more focus. I value myself and my work and how I present it to the world. In the past, I had spun my wheels trying things that ultimately wound up not working for me and I lost money and became discouraged. Now I have the confidence to say “I’m building my business, so this is going to work!” And the best part is, much of what I do to promote myself on Facebook and Instagram is free, so it’s been very exciting to me to learn how to utilize free sites to actually make money. Since I started painting last spring, I’ve sold 18 paintings, which is better than I’ve ever done in the past. I’ve been on Instagram for about 15 weeks and have over 3k followers. Nothing is going to stop me now! Thanks for all of your great information and encouragement."

Kathleen Rietz
Inner Circle Member

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About Paulette Insall

It's my passion to change the mentality and mindset around what it takes to have a successful art business!

I have been working as an artist for almost 18 years and have had success selling my work on many different platforms over the years. Over the past two years, I have built a highly engaged online audience of over 90,000 people who enable me to be an independent artist and no longer depend on the traditional avenues to sell my art.

My work is in hundreds of private and corporate collections worldwide. Several of my paintings were acquired for the permanent corporate art collection at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in Manhattan, New York. I was approached by a large online canvas print publisher and now have a collection of my work licensed with them. I've been featured in several national, regional, and online publications, exhibited my work at galleries and events across the United States, and won awards for my artwork.


"I wanted to thank you for all the things I’ve already learned from you and others in the inner circle group. I applied first because painting is what makes me happy among everything else and I want to make it my life. I followed your advice so far and I've gained many followers, got a lot more comments and sold a few paintings. I also applied for an artfair and got accepted. So thank you for all, from the bottom of my heart, and if you see me growing more and more, that's because of you. Thank you for what you're doing. -- Update: I sold 9 paintings in an international contemporary art fair this weekend! Many thanks to you and your Inner Circle. Without it I'm not sure I would have taken this step."

Clémentine Larribau
Inner Circle Artist

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